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buy backlinks

It's actually quite simple, as there are hundreds of ways. I'll only list the easiest and most sensible though.

First and foremost are blogs. Most blogs will have a setup where you can comment on their posts with the format Name, Mail, URL. While posting a comment place your keywords in the Name section, put your email address (spam email if you have one), and the website you want to send the buy backlinks to in the URL section.

If they don't have this setup then don't bother commenting. Also make sure that you make a relevant comment, read the post, post something interesting, and check back the next day. If you

have replies on your post then reply back, a conversation chain will help the blog post and helping the blog in this situation helps your backlink!

Second are web directories. I'm sure you've seen them everywhere, directories are placed that hold tons of links and organize them based on the website content. It's a

good place to get backlinks as most directories have a decent Page Rank and the content your site is placed next to will almost always be relevant. Just make sure you take

the time to fill out every field when submitting something to a directory, it'll increase the chances of you getting indexed and increase the value of your link. Also

remember to always choose free directories that do not require Recipricol links. Although Recipricol links are "okay" it's considered a link exchange by google and will be

reflected in your PR, better to just not do it.

Third are articles, and these are my favorite. Articles can be written by you and then placed on article directories like Triond, Ezine, or even here on Hubpages. Just make

sure that your links are placed in keywords and surrounded by an article that is relevant to your website. For example, if you have a website about Xbox Live Cheats then

write an article about Xbox Live, or a review about Xbox Live Cheats and link back to your website, that's one free and relevant backlink per article directory that

accepts your submission.

Fourth are videos on youtube, I don't recommend them as much though because links in the video description are only worthwhile if you have both a high quality and relevant

video. And that's another tutorial entirely! I won't stop you if you want to do it though, just make sure you read Six Easy Steps on Getting More Youtube Views if you're

going to do it. The value of the backlink in youtube is mostly related to how many views, likes, and favorites the video has.

Fifth and also great choices are social networking. Place a link to your website in your Twitter and Facebook profile pages. These links will be very valuable in that they'll

drive traffic to your website as well as get you a good buy backlinks. If your website is also a business or service then make a facebook page and twitter page for it. This will get you additional backlinks and increased traffic as you get your customers and friends to follow and like your additional pages as well.


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